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Multi-Award Winning Wedding Photographer for Fun + Relaxed Couples.
Based in Glasgow

Winner of:

2020 Confetti Award for Best Wedding Photographer.
2023 Scottish Wedding Award for Best Creative Wedding Photographer.
2023 Nations Wedding Award for Outstanding Wedding Photographer of the Year.

I’ve been photographing weddings for over 8 years and there is no signs of stopping. My aim is to make your wedding day as relaxed, chilled and care-free as possible and I think that reflects in my images. All my communication with you would take place prior to the wedding day, so you don’t even have to ask a question on the day itself; just wee extras you can think of when I’m there.

With over 300 weddings under my belt, I can certainly say I’ve seen and done it all. From shooting a wedding with 400+ non-English speaking guests, to shooting in the grandest castles in all of Scotland, there is no place that I’m uncomfortable to shoot in.

Have a wee look at my work and see for yourself!

The photos you see are the ones that are 90% of the time ‘caught in the moment.’ The direction I give you on the day is ‘have a wee chat’ and we take it from there.

Honestly, it works.

‘I hate getting ma photo taken.’

Well you haven’t had it taken by me yet…

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